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B'wana Walt's
Safari Hot Sauce

Safari! The ultimate adventure. Now, bring the taste of adventure to your family’s table with B’wana Walt’s Safari Hot Sauce, the HEAT of Africa.

Walt's Piri Piri sauce is a West Coast Fusion version of coconut milk, habanero and jalapeño peppers, lime juice, cilantro and other natural flavors.

As a topping it brightens up scrambled eggs, sea food, mayonnaise, poultry and pork. Used as a marinade and basting sauce it will turn ‘normal’ barbecued chicken into a dish that amazes. And what it does to a simple raw avocado sprinkled with just a bit of sea salt must be tasted to be believed.

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The History - Mozambique’s Liquid Fire

From The Shores of Mozabique

African style ‘piri-piri’ style hot sauce has its roots in Mozambique where the Indian Ocean washes up on the white sand coastline backed by forests of coconut palms.

The Portuguese, fresh from their colonization of Brazil, brought the Capsicum braziliensis chilis to their new African colony and planted them. The Africans, being a long way from stupid, figuratively took the peppers in one hand and a coconut in the other and said, “Hmmm . . .” The result became wildly popular. I have no way of proving this but I am inclined to believe that every village and possibly every family has their own variation of piri-piri and they put it on everything.

Piri Piri Moves South

White South Africans, being of the bland cuisines of English and Dutch extraction, discovered the invention of their neighbors to the north and embraced it with open mouths. Today on safari tables one will find an array of piri-piri next to the chutneys allowing the guests to embellish their meals with abandon. We should all have such an assortment of choices!

My own introduction to the stuff came in 2000 on a Cape buffalo hunt in the Zambezi Delta. Jim and I had been told that when in Mozambique one simply must try the prawns and when the opportunity arose, we did.

Piri Piri & Prawns

Prawns from Mozambique are positively enormous, running up to a half pound each, and the local chefs are inclined to treat them with well-deserved simplicity. Butterflied, basted with garlic butter and served alongside pommes frites with piri-piri accompanied, Mozambique prawns are a feast for a king.

B'Wana Walt's Safari Hot Sauce is Born

Having tried them once I was determined to learn how to make piri-piri for myself and after a couple of years of research and experimentation I now bring you the result, B’wana Walt’s Safari Hot Sauce! It is different from any made in North America. Unlike our own myriad variations on the theme of ‘hot’, Safari Hot Sauce is not based on vinegar. Rather it is coconut milk based, very low in sugar, very low in carbohydrates and vegan safe. Rich, creamy and flavorful, Safari Hot Sauce is superb on shellfish, poultry, eggs, cheese, potatoes and rice. Use it as a condiment, a marinade or a basting sauce. You will come back for seconds!

Let us raise a glass to the ingenious folk of Mozambique and then spread their contribution to cuisine all over everything. Salud!

“First time trying a hot sauce with coconut milk. Nice fragrant aroma of coconut and spice. Usually use traditional hot sauce on fried chicken or eggs. This sauce worked fantastic on grilled shrimp tossed in the sauce over basmati rice. Really needed nothing else sweet then came a nice lasting burn. Next will try on some grilled chicken wings. The sweetness of the sauce is really balanced by the mix of peppers – nice addition to my hot sauce collection."

Michael Dreyfus

Wine Storage Consultant – B2B

“B’wana Walt’s Safari Hot Sauce brings a unique blend of spice and coconut that not only spices up a dish, but enriches it’s flavors as well. I have seen diners enjoy it in soups, on salads, and spicing up a dinner entrée. In fact our banquet chef has been known to use B’Wana Walt’s in some of his hor d'oeuvres served at the Club.”

Tom Penn

Food & Beverage Manager
University Club of Portland

From The Piri Piri Blog

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I hope you’re ready for fiery and flavorful condiment Heaven. My home-made piri piri sauce is great for steak, pork, and chicken or even marinades and dressings. You should have a jar in your fridge at all times.

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